How to start conversation with a girl

Before you begin to conquer girls ' hearts, carefully check your photo album, because the first thing a girl wants to see what kind of person had it coming to her interlocutors. It is desirable that the photos were of good quality and reflect your personality.

Do not be afraid to be yourself. The worst to start a conversation with a girl with a lie disguised as other people's photos.

Look also to the girl: what she photos, comments, gifts etc. the best option to start a conversation is to send an unusual gift or a picture of coffee and buns and the words "With a cheerful morning!", for example. Or photos of fields of flowers with the caption: "I Want to give it to".

How to impress a girl by correspondence

The first impression is most vivid and valuable. Phrase: "hi, chat?" is no surprise. But the phrase: "do You Like Brahms?", "I am so blown away by Your smile", "you today?" etc. snag and give the impression that you are not an ordinary man.

The most popular among young people communicating in the World through my eyes" when taking pictures of what inspires and share experiences. Just do not overdo it with the selfies and photos in the style: "What I eat for Breakfast/lunch/dinner". Awaken the creative person, share something unusual.

Read more, learn the latest news and share them. But not varnitsite not get smart. Girls like all the attention. Therefore, in between the amazing things don't forget to give sincere compliments.

What questions not to ask in the correspondence with the girl

Starting conversation with a girl in social networks, forget the questions about the size of her Breasts and not in a hurry to go to "you", while the interviewee will not be ready for it.

Leave the banal questions: "What are you doing?", "What do you do?", "What's your major?" etc. No more boring conversation than a conversation about work and study. If a girl wants, she will tell you everything and ask you. In the extreme case boring and uncomfortable questions can be beat, for example: "Let me guess who you work for. You decorate the world, I guess?".

When corresponding with a girl in social networks it is impossible to become a "girlfriend": all gossip and talk about fashion/shopping, it is better to stop, otherwise you face the role of "eternal vests", in which you can complain. You're not trash that you threw unnecessary information. But, if you really feel that the girl is sad and depressed, it is better to ask about the existence of problems and try to steer the conversation in a fun direction. Sincere support is always valuable.

How to go from correspondence in social networks to a real meeting

So you found the perfect girl for correspondence. However, virtual communication you have is not enough. Do not delay the meeting - sometimes the moment is lost, and the interest you will be lost.

Again can help photos. Take a picture a cozy corner in the café and sign: "Waiting for you in this cafe, every night for all...". Instead of a cafe may be the place in the Park, concert tickets, etc.

Plan to detail your appearance. Getting ready to meet with girl by correspondence, many are concerned: to give flowers? First, the flowers are not all love. Secondly, the flowers may be allergic.

So whether you need something to do to give? It depends on how well you know the preference of the girl. Sometimes you can do without the so-called "welcoming" gift, but already on a meeting course to take and to buy some memory.

To start a conversation with a girl in social networks is not too difficult, it is much more important to fix the result. If your communication culminated in the meeting don't forget to tell about their experiences during online communication: together remember funny or touching moments. But further development depends on the mutual desire to continue to chat or make a point.