Make sure that you are really interested in communicating with a guy. Sometimes, on reflection once again, the girls enter into a relationship that would eventually end in complete disappointment. Think, what is it that hooked you that you want to start a conversation. For example, if you met a guy on the street, it is still better to wait for the call or message from him. So you can be sure that he is really interested in you and wants a meeting. If you write first, it can only add to his confidence in his advantage, and the guy may start to behave as he pleases.
Write the guy first if you made this decision. Better to send a TEXT message if you know his number. If you still are uncomfortable, then say Hello and introduce yourself first. Remind your kid where and under what circumstances you met. The report must end with a question – it would encourage the guy to respond as soon as possible. For example, ask how he's doing what he's doing, etc.
Do more original: write a simple "Hello and wink smiley. Guy will answer the question "Who is it? . Continue to behave mysteriously and send a response such as, "guess . Gradually the guy will remember you and this moment will be already very interested in continuing communication and even meeting.
Start communicating correctly, if you want to meet a guy on a Dating site. Remember that activity in virtual Dating most often seen boys and the first to start a conversation. If the message comes first from the girls, it might look suspicious. Try again just to wink at the guy or send another funny emoticon, leave for the pleasant compliment or send a virtual gift. For a guy this is a sufficient reason to respond and continue the dialogue with you.