You will need
  • - computer with Internet access
  • - desire to meet a girl
Decide what you need girl. If you want to start a conversation with a girl online to getting her serious relationship is one, and if just for a chat or two. In any case, on the Internet there are many Dating sites. Depending on your intentions, you can choose one of them.
If you are talking with a girl on the Internet, you can move to the next stage of online Dating – connect with instant messaging (for this you need to install special software on the computer (e.g. ICQ or MSN).
You can also add girl friends in one of the social networks in which you are registered. Thus, communication with the girl on the Internet will become more frequent and intense.
When you talk to a girl on the Internet, always read aloud what you have written before you send it. Remember that sometimes what you write seems normal, but when you say it out loud and hear the text from, it all sounds completely different. Check messages at the initial stage of communication will help you to calm your nerves and ensure that you print exactly what you want to say, and not something ambiguous.
Do not use emoticons. It is appropriate during Internet communication, but abuse may be irritant to act on the girl you are talking to, and she'll think you have nothing to say to her.
Be yourself, don't try to impersonate someone else. In this case you really get pleasure from a conversation with a girl on the Internet and increase your chances of getting to know her in reality.