Sign up in social networks and on Dating sites (Vkontakte, Facebook, Mamba, Loveplanet), find the girl you like. Don't send her banal messages like "How are you", "What are you doing", "Let's get acquainted". Also don't do compliments about how beautiful she is, slim and stunning. Believe me, with this your approach the girl will not set you apart from the crowd of fans who dream to meet her. The message should be unusual, it should be of interest to her.

If you don't know what should be the first message, study it page: interests, Hobbies, passions, etc. for Example, if she is a student of any educational institution, write her this message "Hey. You have there at the University (College, school, high school) all the girls are so adorable or you're the only one who does this?". A lady will definitely surprise your unusual approach to Dating and she will want to reply that she alone is the most charming lady in his school. This is just one example, show imagination!

More kidding. You don't think about the burden of life and do not tell the lady about my problems. In any case this can not be done! Make a note of positivity in your virtual communication, which may eventually become real.

Write competently. Of course, it is not necessary to be a linguist, but know the basic rules of the Russian language you need. Read special literature. Also you have to show your erudition. Tell us about your interests, Hobbies, ask a girl what she likes to do. If, for example, she likes to have fun, invite her out and bring on your party.

Don't be pushy. If a girl said to you with a refusal, you do not need to persuade her to talk to you. Compliment her and leave her alone. Maybe after some time she will write to you, and you'll make friendly casual conversation.

As can be seen, to meet a girl by correspondence using various methods. Only here you need to understand that there is no guarantee that the lady will want to communicate with you. And here it may be in many factors. Maybe she has a young man? Or she just doesn't like online Dating? Perhaps, you simply do not like. The reasons may be different, it is important not to despair and try to strike up a virtual conversation with other ladies.