The easiest way to seduce correspondence boyfriend is to start a Frank conversation with little jokes below the belt. For example, to write the guy that you are very hot, I need to be put out. Usually such techniques are used for "cheers". Do not have to use a typical phrase, you can come up with something different. Especially if you have a lot of common jokes. With unfamiliar people it is better to use a good romantic and humor to captivate and to liberate the interlocutor.
The girl's jokes will not catch rather hurt. Here need to redirect the conversation in the desired fashion. For example, to make a couple of nice compliments. Remember that girls do not like outright lies, recognize it. You can write how cute and beautiful in that picture, not to describe her rich inner world that you still don't really know.
To accurately correspondence seduce any person, you need to follow a simple rule: light erotic implication, Yes, outright pornography is not. This suggests that you want only sex from a friend (virtual or real). Luring correspondence is flirting, just a little limited and more explicit at the same time. You have no possibility to see the interlocutor, but you can write that out loud wouldn't dare to say. Share your thoughts about something very sincere, which can make both of them.
Do not use templates (except that humorous)! First, the era of the erotic and the same type of SMS has already passed. Secondly, all the typical patterns known to many. It brings boredom, and the desire to continue to communicate. It is better to write something myself. For example, what would you like to try. Or some kind of romantic, but a funny phrase. For example, dream of love like in the movies. At the same time and find out what movies are associated with that interlocutor, and what you have. It is possible that this flirting will lead to a lasting relationship and not a one-time correspondence.
Work very well in terms of seduction by correspondence the various issues with an erotic bias. For example, whether the interlocutor sexual experience on the roof. It would be a good topic to discuss General plans for any roof, or even of the possibility of such experience. If you feel tightness, discuss some romantic moment from the movie. Spend more analogies and comparisons with something to quickly make contact. It's easier to move on to flirting and seduction.
Photo. The easiest way to seduce correspondence on the Internet is a beautiful and sexy photo. Not Frank, where everything is on display, but with erotic overtones. Even young people can try to make your erotic photos. Girls are attracted to men with strong hands, for example. Here and emphasize that part. The exchange of sexual pictures is a very good step on the way to seduction in the conversation.
Imagination. Turn on all your fantasy, tell me in the conversation what would you like to try. For example, some special kind of sex or erotic games (RPG). Such topics excites interlocutors, which in itself leads to the easy temptation in real life at the meeting. Be bolder. Even if you have to blush for his words, the caller won't see it in the chat.