Acquaintance on the Internet

Introduction to social networks every day is becoming increasingly popular. Online dialogue is much easier - there's time to think about said, to draw conclusions and write the answer. Network Vkontakte gives its users unlimited possibilities for new acquaintances, the girl can easily narrow your search of contenders for the role of the second half with the help of well-chosen filters – city, age, etc is not a problem, but tactfully to start a conversation with a guy for many ladies is an overwhelming task.
When meeting in the Internet the girl must follow the main rule - be yourself and talk about what is interesting, not only boyfriend, but also her own.

How to start a conversation?

Start the conversation simply and unobtrusively. May be corny to ask how he was doing, the mood, what the weather reigns he than he was doing at the moment etc. If a guy is interested in beginning a new relationship, he will take the initiative in their hands and will be keen to ask questions to a random stranger. If male, not very talkative, it is better to choose some neutral topic to continue communication. For example, if he put the question bluntly and want to know the purpose of adding friends, you can take the topic in the channel of distribution of goods or services, to apologize for the trouble and located in a new quest.
If the guy is in no hurry to make an appointment first, the girl can take the initiative in their hands. In cases of mutual interest, will soon take place on a first date.

How to continue communicating?

If the first dialogue with the boy went well, and in the future she is going to correspond with him, be sure to ask about his personal life. Sometimes guys make a few acquaintances, hiding your status on marital status. To not fall for such a trick you need to ask, when was his last serious relationship, why they broke up with his chosen, etc. will Not be superfluous to view his photos and wall posts to examine the communication style and way of life. To talk a lot about the past of a guy as not worth it, maybe for him it is a painful subject. Long-lasting relationships in a social network usually end up meeting in real life. It is better that our first date was in a public place, for example, in a cafe or a movie. This will allow young people to feel relaxed and at ease.