Advice 1: How to seduce a girl on the Internet

Online Dating is gradually became more popular than real. A huge number of sites and forums of interest allows to find a girlfriend without leaving your computer. However, to choose the object of courtship and flirting is not enough to achieve reciprocity. To seduce the girl, not leaving the Internet, and to turn the conversation in a real meeting is possible, if you understand female psychology and to remember some General rules.
How to seduce a girl on the Internet
Usually communication on the Internet starts with e-mails on the forum or in chat, or emails on a Dating site. In any case, at first you will be able to interest a girl how to communicate in writing. So try to follow the General rules of decorum: don't swear, don't be rude, don't write outright vulgarity.
Find out what the girl is interested, what are her Hobbies, favorite movies. If you met on a forum or Dating website, do not be lazy to read the entire profile or the entire profile and not just look at photographs. Say that girl you like, ask questions - all females love to talk about themselves and their Hobbies in life.
If a girl asks to see your photos, publish only the ones where you focus, came out well, and preferably without other girls in the frame, especially her ex. The original images are, the more likely that she's interested in you. Especially appreciated are stories and photos of travel, Pets.
Do gifts. This is possible even in the Internet: virtual flowers, postcards, voice, or reputation for the pictures girls. Attentions nice any faster and she would reciprocate to the one who is brighter, expresses his feelings.
Useful advice
First assistants in the seduction compliments. If you are strong in words, praise her eyes and hair, it always fires.

Advice 2 : How to seduce a girl for 2 minutes

The seduction of girls, that is, inducing it to intimate relationships is a process that requires a certain degree of skill. According to professionals of a pickup truck, this is enough to two minutes.
How to seduce a girl for 2 minutes

Prepare for seduction

Don't expect ultra-fast results. Even the use of the most effective techniques of seduction will not put a girl into bed in just 2 minutes. Maximum what you can achieve – quickly positioning the interviewee to yourself and continue to get what you want with almost absolute certainty.

The first thing to do is to choose the place where you will seduce the girl. As practice shows, almost every city has a school or open area, who visit the girl's initially willing to meet you. For example, it can be cozy and intimate area in a city Park, a bar in the trendy night club or hall in the Mall. Check with your friends or in the Internet about places in your community.

Think about what type of girls fits you best. Of course, it is theoretically possible to win almost any fairer sex, however, there should be a type with which you get quickly find a common language. For example, this may be the girls average or tall, bright or discreet makeup, with a clever or lighthearted, belong to that particular subculture, etc.

Work on your appearance. Do not have to dress brightly, but you must look neat. Train your look. This is one of the most important tools a quick seduction. Best to do it in front of the mirror. Not necessarily wide open eyes and "play" eyebrows. Enough to learn to look at the girl confidently, not looking away, and slightly smile.

Choose several phrases that you will be sharing with a girl at the first contact. The most effective are light compliments, stated confidently and without undue flattery. Try to be more succinct, for example: "Girl, you are adorable. I just have to know your name".

The process of Dating and seduction

The process of Dating and seduction looks like this: once you notice a girl you liked, try to meet her gaze. Hold eye contact and slightly smile. The expression on the girl's face you can understand, whether has interested you or not. Walk up to it slowly and not causing suspicion. Smile and a confident tone will offer to meet and chat with her or walk her to her destination, if she's going somewhere or coming.

Try to act quickly. You should be interested in the girl and cause her trust in you. You'll have to do this if you determine the approximate course of her thoughts, understand what she likes, what she the character of the person. After that, the most desperate guys sometimes immediately under various pretexts to ask the girl, for example, to his home. Others quickly get her phone number and after some time calling to arrange a meeting in more romantic conditions.

Remember that you should not abuse the trust of the girls. Don't be fooled by them and do not use "for one night". Tactics speed-Dating better and more tactful to use in order to find a girl for long and serious relations.
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