High speed message transfer creates the illusion that you need to answer as instantly as soon as you received a short "How are you?". But do not hurry, be patient at least for half an hour! Use at least the fact that the answer is exciting news. No doubt, at the other end of communication, the young people all got exhausted waiting for the answer, and be happy with him far more than he'd come from. Let the guy pretends that his own Affairs, in fact he constantly looks at the phone in anticipation of the long-awaited signal of the adopted text.
instant message transmission
And finally, a short but succinct response to the idea. Definitely short! After all, he was right on all hundred, saying that "brevity is the soul of wit." The length of the messages to see who is more interested in communication. What you say to the man – for him is already a gift and an indicator of interest in communication. So the two words are not worth responding to long narrations, or the man hunter girl turn into a killer of relationships. The answer send no earlier than double the waiting time a text from him. Waited 10 minutes? Answer 20!

wait twice as long
No unnecessary symbols and signs, smileys and winks. Often it happens that the girl wanted to send a heart, and sent boxer. It turns out is "kiss" - "kick". All images and sensations should be born in his head! Try to imagine a cigarette. Happened? What is it? Burning someone's hands or lying peacefully in a pack? Each of us will have their own picture, and most important rule in SMS correspondence – to our counterpart speculation sent the images in the right direction.
no emoticons
An important moment of creation of his image when writing SMS. Typing is possible only from the state of girls in a million girl self-confident and own irresistibility! The girl fans are in the queue and which dates are planned for the months ahead! Hence another rule – if a text from him came on Friday – you do not meet until Sunday evening! Even if you have nothing to do but watch TV! Go to a concert, movie, ballet! Let alone, but a sense of dignity!
girl in a million
To escalate it to the limit, ask non-standard questions or intriguing associations connected with it. This can be as a text about love and the message that he's a creepy bastard. The main thing then to apologize, explaining that he had the wrong number. The main indicator of his interest, his questions, then he thinks about you! The thought process started in the right direction.
intriquite, make him think about you
Not texting just out of boredom. Any message should be the goal – to motivate him to certain actions:
to date,
to Woo you, to win and to get your attention,
to make a gift,
make fall in love or get emotionally.

In any case, a text must be associated with a man, not that you and a friend today went on sale.
the SMS should be the goal