People really can fall in love with someone, communicating with them only in the virtual world. However, this behavior suggests some internal disharmony. Very often virtual novels in adults people who have long been disappointed in love and tired of relationships that are no good do not lead. Setting the stage for an intimate correspondence with another person people can even be legally married with your partner. Writing a novel can make up for lack of positive emotions and romantic feelings, and family while not ruining it.
Also fall in love by correspondence of those people recently in real life, broke up with her lover or sweetheart. This is due to the fact that currently the person is just not ready to make new meaningful relationships, and communicating with someone using emails and messages, he feels romantic feelings and at the same time saves space.
In addition, virtual love is sometimes inherent in those people who in real life feel awkward and uncomfortable while interacting with the opposite sex. They are shy to reveal his soul, but before the virtual source is always easier to open up. Even if you do not understand, at any time you can unsubscribe from communication, preserving confidentiality.
Another reason that can cause love to person with whom you are dealing by correspondence, is the lack of attention in real life. Maybe you don't consider yourself attractive (attractive), so protect yourself from communion with the opposite sex. But the attention that provides you social networking a complete stranger, is able to flatter. This situation is a temptation in women who deprived of attention from their mate, and men who periodically try to raise their self-esteem and sense of self-importance, winning the hearts of various women.
Whatever caused your virtual love, you have to understand that in real life, the person you opened your heart may be completely not who he says he is. That is why, if you start to experience warm feelings toward their virtual interlocutor, try as quickly as possible to arrange a meeting with him.