Try to write without errors and typos, so the kid paid attention to the meaning of what you write, not on bugs that want to rule a red marker. Do not turn the fan in a Russian language teacher. Always atyatno to read a letter in which all the sentences correct, and the words are elegant and easy.
Write each of your posts were linked like pearls in a necklace. Keep some thought, develop some kind of metaphor or joke to avoid the impression that you are inconsistent in your thoughts, headstrong and impulsive. But at the same time don't forget to follow the reaction to your message source.
Write vividly, clearly, sincerely, that your words struck a chord and the desire to continue the conversation, give the opportunity to dream, comment your thoughts, tell us about yourself.
Write a gentle and tender words, do compliments, if you have something to praise the young man, otherwise your words will ring hollow.
Joke and enjoy his jokes, comment on his thoughts. Not too put off answering a received message.
Call him out more gently and softly. Feel free to ask questions, but let the man answer, if your curiosity is inappropriate. He should not feel himself tense, waiting for each subsequent replica with caution.
Respond to every message the guy. Be careful if you want to please him.