You will need
  • - PC with Internet access;
  • a beautiful photo or picture.
Upgrade your page or personal account in a social network. First, put the original picture or photo on your avatar. Choose only bright and interesting pictures. If you do not have a photogenic or attractive appearance, use the picture. It should not only attract attention, but also thought-provoking. Don't bet on avatar celebrity photos, hearts and smileys. It's too corny.
Do not share on their page with too much information about yourself. You just need to provide General information. For example, city of residence, age, and your Hobbies. Also add something interesting. This can be interesting information, quote, anecdote.
Examine the web page guy. You should learn what interests him. Get as much information as possible about his hobby. In a conversation with him cover this topic. The guy must think that you are interested in the same things he did, then to build a conversation will be easier. Try to make majority of calls to its interests.
Ask him a question. They must be original. It is not necessary every day to be interested, as are his deeds, it is very quickly bored him, and he will stop communication with you.
Do not write always the first, not throw it messages. Try not to be too annoying.
Start communication with non-standard phrases. Of course, you can write about the weather, but it's so interesting that many interlocutors simply won't respond to you. Send an unusual picture with your comment or the original track, and then the answer will be guaranteed.
Tell him compliments. Rare the guy will refuse to communicate with a girl who considers it the best.
In the network there is no opportunity to Supplement their words with facial expressions, gestures, intonation, so think over every sentence. Don't say words that can be understood in two ways.
Check your message before sending. They should not be spelling and punctuation errors. Some guys attach great importance to the literacy of girls.