The girl at the time of correspondence should think that you are special, that is different from all, and for the better. The most important thing is to get her interested, because this is very important on the path to success.
Amaze regularly and communicate with the girl on different topics, ask her about her health, because, as a rule, caring young people like them very much the weaker sex. All this is a good start for future serious relationships.
Try to show himself as a versatile guy that can sit in a cafe, drink coffee or go to a night club, not only to spend one night. It is sure to interest, because these young people are rare.
Be decisive, because many girls dream about a man without complexes. Be interested in her problems. Girls often cry into my pillow, dreaming of this guy that became her defender and reliable support. Letting her know that you exactly fall in love with a girl by correspondence will become much easier.
Show imagination, intriquite her. Communicate with her as if you were really close. Don't step on the spot, unsubscribing simple phrases. She will soon become bored with you. Do unexpected, but pleasant surprises.
Remember that all girls are romantic. Send her a message with verses dedicated to your acquaintance., or a postcard with an interesting theme. Try not to be trite, it is not to become like everyone else.
Don't bother, be master of the situation. Tell her about your friends, about how you spend time in your company. Fill his price, but be careful not to overdo it!
Don't let the girl confidence in what you are now her property, remember that it will kill your relationship. Most likely, the girl will definitely show you a genuine interest and agrees to meet in reality.