Advice 1: How to interest a guy in the correspondence

Replaced paper letters came letters electronic. And communicate with them very actively. And it turns out that communicating only by correspondence, interested guy.
Whether paper, electronic if writing to it is always a pleasure
You will need
  • Internet access
Let's say you are chatting with a young man, whom he never met in person - only pictures. And you liked it.
Rule one: find out the Hobbies of your friend, and see if you have similar interests. To talk interesting for both, the subject is always easy and interesting. In addition, you will be interested in guy even with the fact that you have something share the same tastes. If no match is found does not matter. In this case you show interest in a hobby guy and ask him details about his passion. He likes to read? Great, find out what authors he likes to read at the moment why he likes a particular genre. If you like music, ask what he listens to, do concerts of their idols, trying to play himself where buy records. You can ask to read\hear anything. It is an occasion to see.
Second rule: don't focus on yourself. Talking about myself, of course, necessary, but if your letter is full of constant "me, me, me, me", nothing good will come of it. No need to RUB the guy's head tons of insignificant and unnecessary information. Maybe your mom will wonder what you have torn new pantyhose, but the guy wouldn't appreciate your candor, and most importantly – the relevance of such information. So about myself, briefly. Ask – answer, but without too much detail.
Third rule: ask as much as possible. Not only women love with their ears (though in the case of Internet - still, eyes). To men, this axiom is also applicable. Therefore, based on the questions identify the strengths of the young person and do not hesitate to praise him. Only not too zealous. A letter, consisting only of praises, it looks at least suspicious.
The fourth rule: show your sense of humor. If the guy has it too, fine. He will appreciate your jokes are appreciated, and perhaps very soon you will laugh at the same things.
And finally, rule five: do not drink too much "Internet" language. Show your literacy, and your letter will not be sent to the trash.
Useful advice
If you send the guy your picture, make sure that you are now not much has changed since the date of recording. To avoid surprises at the meeting.

Advice 2 : As the first person to write guy

Sometimes the impression of a casual acquaintance or a meeting with a guy is so strong that the girl herself wants to write him, to talk and to offer to meet. In this situation you need to act correctly and avoid common mistakes.
As the first person to write guy
Make sure that you are really interested in communicating with a guy. Sometimes, on reflection once again, the girls enter into a relationship that would eventually end in complete disappointment. Think, what is it that hooked you that you want to start a conversation. For example, if you met a guy on the street, it is still better to wait for the call or message from him. So you can be sure that he is really interested in you and wants a meeting. If you write first, it can only add to his confidence in his advantage, and the guy may start to behave as he pleases.
Write the guy first if you made this decision. Better to send a TEXT message if you know his number. If you still are uncomfortable, then say Hello and introduce yourself first. Remind your kid where and under what circumstances you met. The report must end with a question – it would encourage the guy to respond as soon as possible. For example, ask how he's doing what he's doing, etc.
Do more original: write a simple "Hello and wink smiley. Guy will answer the question "Who is it? . Continue to behave mysteriously and send a response such as, "guess . Gradually the guy will remember you and this moment will be already very interested in continuing communication and even meeting.
Start communicating correctly, if you want to meet a guy on a Dating site. Remember that activity in virtual Dating most often seen boys and the first to start a conversation. If the message comes first from the girls, it might look suspicious. Try again just to wink at the guy or send another funny emoticon, leave for the pleasant compliment or send a virtual gift. For a guy this is a sufficient reason to respond and continue the dialogue with you.

Advice 3 : On what topics can I talk to a guy

Interesting conversation - a difficult task, especially in the nascent relationship. In this case, as a rule, stop the fear to say something wrong or to create the impression of a boring companion. Fortunately for girls, there are universal themes for discussion with a guy of any nature and of mind.
On what topics can I talk to a guy
If you find it difficult to come up with a topic, do not despair. There are themes that unite all the people in the world. Remember them and communication with a new guy can be fun for both of you. If all the same there was a pause in the conversation, do not worry, do not trouble clothes and keep your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and relax. Sometimes silence helps only to feel even more nascent feeling. This is the best sign that you are well together, and without a flow of words. However, in order to establish contact, we can safely adhere to in conversation the following topics.

Leading questions

You have previously corresponded or discussed the history of personal life? Great! Ask additional questions which will help to develop the theme of family, school or work. First, such conversations help you learn more about each other, and secondly, these themes bring together the interlocutors.

What's going on in the world?

A guy can safely discuss events in the country and the world, as well as news from the life of stars. You may find that you like the same band. Just don't go into politics - it's one of those things.

Ask for guidance

Men love to dominate. They think they know everything about everything. If you want to bond with the guy, ask for his help, be it study, work or personal concerns. Let him feel strong and smart. Thus you'll let him know I trust his opinion.

How was your day?

This is the most simple and unobtrusive question. It is universal, like new relationships and family life. At the beginning of every story, everything seems new and interesting. Talking about the events of the day will not be boring for you. Moreover, this conversation usually involves a lot of other topics.


Find out if the guy has any Hobbies and show sincere interest in what he says. After all, what he likes, of course, important to him.


What he wants, what he wants from this life? Guys love to plan for life. Learn about them and gently suggest ways of achieving his dreams. Believe me, finding the right words, you can have confidence in that guy, which means he'll want to hear your advice in the future.


Guys love to fool around. A little flirting into the conversation can not hurt. However, you need to feel when to stop so as not to seem vulgar and vulgar. Choose your moment and ask a few naughty questions about his fantasies and about whether he finds you attractive. Such a conversation could take place even if you are communicating via SMS or social networks.


Friends occupy an important place in every man's heart. Show interest in this aspect of his life. Maybe he wants to tell a few funny stories or even introduce you to friends. By the way, when you meet them, remind one of the anecdotes from their friendship. You will be able to laugh at him, it will set his friends positively towards you and your guy will Shine with pride for you.

Games and machines

Perhaps it's a cliché, but, nevertheless, most of the guys really knows a lot about games or cars. Just don't try to talk about what you don't know. You can get fooled and look stupid. Just try to find out what video games he likes and if he has a car. Small details will help you get to know whether you have common interests.

Do you see a future?

Asking a question, try and themselves to give an answer. Offering a topic for conversation, be prepared to open up. In a new relationship it is important as early as possible to find out, whether the partners to each other. If you don't have anything in common, it is worth to spend time on such communication?

Advice 4 : How to start an online relationship

Until recently, girls and boys met in the companies at the disco, and sometimes on the street. Now become increasingly popular Dating in a virtual world. Often to find online love seeking girls.
How to start an online relationship

In which way is better to correspond

Before you start a conversation with a young man, you need to determine what is its purpose. You should not immediately turn to the guy in too playful a tone, he can just do not take a girl seriously. If she wants the experience to continue the relationship in the real world, then you first need to think carefully about a strategy for further action.

Do not just too much to tell about it. A girl should always remain a mystery, which the young man wants to solve. If the girl is smart, well educated and well-read is certainly a virtue, but we should not immediately open it. Unfortunately, some boys are afraid of too smart people.

Men often fear the passionate confessions and, especially, the encroachments on their freedom. Therefore, the correspondence is best to start with companionship. Young people should not immediately perceive the girl as a candidate for the role of the bride. Better start to be just a pleasant conversationalist. Gradually getting to know his interests well and understand the topics that can inspire. Common interests always bring people together. It is important that the guy was comfortable to chat with a new friend, and he didn't feel hunted. The ease of communication, most likely, will like him and maybe he wants to make conversation more romantic.

From the virtual Dating to the real one

If friendly correspondence will acquire a romantic character, boy and girl want to meet in real life. Better if this time they will already be quite familiar with each other, this will help them to avoid embarrassment. Girls, that correspond in too relaxed a tone, making a big mistake. Most of the guys gladly support such familiarity, however, at the meeting feel uncomfortable. But if the sympathy has arisen on the basis of companionship, it can lead to much more serious relationship.

It will be nice if personal acquaintance will prove as pleasant as virtual. However, when meeting online it is better to follow certain precautions. Communicating in a network, people do not see each other, and a nice young man may not be who he claims to be. So the first date is best to assign a day in a public place, not to accidentally run into trouble.
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