You will need
  • Internet access
Let's say you are chatting with a young man, whom he never met in person - only pictures. And you liked it.
Rule one: find out the Hobbies of your friend, and see if you have similar interests. To talk interesting for both, the subject is always easy and interesting. In addition, you will be interested in guy even with the fact that you have something share the same tastes. If no match is found does not matter. In this case you show interest in a hobby guy and ask him details about his passion. He likes to read? Great, find out what authors he likes to read at the moment why he likes a particular genre. If you like music, ask what he listens to, do concerts of their idols, trying to play himself where buy records. You can ask to read\hear anything. It is an occasion to see.
Second rule: don't focus on yourself. Talking about myself, of course, necessary, but if your letter is full of constant "me, me, me, me", nothing good will come of it. No need to RUB the guy's head tons of insignificant and unnecessary information. Maybe your mom will wonder what you have torn new pantyhose, but the guy wouldn't appreciate your candor, and most importantly – the relevance of such information. So about myself, briefly. Ask – answer, but without too much detail.
Third rule: ask as much as possible. Not only women love with their ears (though in the case of Internet - still, eyes). To men, this axiom is also applicable. Therefore, based on the questions identify the strengths of the young person and do not hesitate to praise him. Only not too zealous. A letter, consisting only of praises, it looks at least suspicious.
The fourth rule: show your sense of humor. If the guy has it too, fine. He will appreciate your jokes are appreciated, and perhaps very soon you will laugh at the same things.
And finally, rule five: do not drink too much "Internet" language. Show your literacy, and your letter will not be sent to the trash.