You will need
  • — passport or birth certificate
  • — certificate of marital status
  • — diploma of education
  • — photos (3×4)
  • — medical certificate about state of health
The citizen who has reached of military age (18-27 years) and received a summons from the recruiting office, should arrive at the draft Board. At itself it is necessary to have a passport or birth certificate, certificate of marital status, place of work or study, a diploma of education and a medical report on the health status, as well as a number of other papers. Having reviewed the submitted documents, the Commission members accept one solution: either release the young man from military service, or give him a reprieve, or call in the army. In the latter case, the military ticket will be issued at the collection point before sending to the place of service.
In the case of recognition of young men not subject to conscription into the armed forces or reaches the age 27, conscript Commission shall credit it to the reserve, and the military ticket is issued on presentation of an extract from the minutes of its meeting.
How to make a military ticket citizen who up to 27 years of age was not on the agenda in a military registration and enlistment office In this case, write the name of the military Commissioner a statement asking the military to issue the ticket and apply to the treatment of two matte photos without area; passport, education diploma and, if available, driver's license, and copies of all these documents. Better to write a statement in two copies. One of them, along with the above copies, transmit to the office of the military office, and the second, with the mark on the receipt (the receipt date and the details of the duty officer), to keep. If the documents in the military is not accepted, should send them by registered mail.
How to make a new military ticket instead of lost In this case, contact the military Commissariat at the place of residence and write the application on restoration losses. Attach to the application documents required for registration of a ticketand a passport, photographs (3x4), a certificate confirming the police about this, and if there is exemption from service, medical examination. Thus it is necessary to be prepared for the fact that the loss of the military ticketand you will endure punishment in the form of a warning or fine in the amount from 500 to one thousand roubles (it depends on the circumstances under which it was lost, and how quickly you turned a statement about his recovery).