Find out visiting days in your military Commissariat.
Prepare the following documents: passport, military ticket (damaged or replaced), if the ticket is lost, the ad in the newspaper about its invalidity, matte black and white photo measuring three by four centimeters, will pay the penalty in savings Bank branch and submit the receipt.
Forms in the presence of a military tickets new ticket you will receive the same day, but if the forms do not have – in the next visiting day.
Thus, you will receive a document which can show in any instance.
If you want to change the entry in the military tickete, for example of limiting the validity to military service, you will also have to go to the police station. In this case, you have to re-pass a medical examination.
If you have a military ticket to another state, but you want to have a military ticket of the Russian Federation, you will also need to be in a military Commissariat and to go through the whole procedure of the military registration.