Independently initiate a review procedure medical certificate of your fitness to serve in the army. For this point in the recruiting office, which you delivered to military records, a written statement with a request to conduct a second medical examination. Justification of your application can serve the changes in your health.
On the basis of the arrived statements of military-medical Commission of the military enlistment office will hold in your relationship a second medical examination, the results of which will be made a new conclusion about the category date or confirmed the same. If your health is actually improved, you will assign a different category of life, i.e., found fit for military service (category "A") or fit with a few restrictions (category "B").
However, the assignment of new categories of life does not mean that you can re-call for service in the Armed Forces - this examination is held only in the accounting purposes.
What if you refused to re-examine, either on his results again recognized partially fit for military service, with a medical diagnosis gives you the right to assignment of the category "A" or "B"? These actions (inaction) of military Commissioner, and also do not suit you conclusion military-the medical Commission appealed in the courts. As practice shows, you have high chances to achieve this through the court.
In addition, disagreeing with the conclusions of doctors of military registration and enlistment office that conducted the re-examination, you may request an independent military-medical examination (Regulation on independent military-medical examination). However, it will be held for your account and only in those medical institutions that have a license.