Registration of citizens in bodies of FMS can be both permanent and temporary. A constant is a stamp in the passport with no expiration date. Temporary can be either stamped with a registration mark with a specific validity period, or a statement insert to the passport, which will be marked with the address of the temporary registration of the citizen and the expiration date.
In the case where a military person, the person changes the address of his stay, moves from a former residence to a new and going to get a temporary registration in other city, he is obliged to withdraw from the military registration in the military, where their former place of residence.
Next steps – getting a temporary registration at the new place of residence. Then mandatory registration in the military enlistment office, which is located geographically at the place of temporary registration of a military service person.
There is a certain period during which a citizen must stand in the military on the record is two weeks. In this case, military ID (if it is produced for the first time) citizen will be able to obtain your military records. And registration for military service the citizens must be always on their place of registration, even if it is temporary.
Temporary registration at the new place of residence will not affect the permanent residence of a citizen in another city. He will be registered at the same address. Statement on the account in military registration and enlistment office in the place where currently resides a citizen at the time of registration, gives the opportunity to the military units of the country to know where is the soldier, citizen, and, if necessary, to encourage him to give duty to their homeland.