You will need
  • 1. Copy of diploma (optional)
  • 2. A copy of the INN
  • 3. Copy of pension insurance certificate
  • 4. Passport
  • 5. The identity of the citizen subject to conscription.
To receive a military ticket is the most straightforward way, you need to serve in the army. After you repay the home, you will be written off to the reserve and give this important document.
A good option is also to go to University and the military Department. While studying at the University you will go on a special pair for military training. After graduation, you will be written off to the reserve as an officer. To call in this case can only if war breaks out.
Perhaps we are not fit for military service for health reasons. In this case, for obtaining the military ticketand you need to prove this fact. In the military, to which you belong at the place of residence, you will be directed for medical examination. If she finds you unfit or partially fit for military service, you again will be written off to the reserve and will be given the coveted ticket.
When in the military medical Board finds you unfit, you can try to prove your worthless self. To do this, use independent medical examination.
If you do not get sick and do not want to serve, try to refer to various organizations, specializing in assistance in obtaining military ticket. It is quite possible they will help you to find medical justification (or others) for refusal to serve when initially you they were not.