Before you relocate you will have to appear before the draft Board and to write the application for deregistration, stating the reason. The statement is made to the head of the military. Specify on behalf of whom the applicant (name, date of birth). Ask about removal from the register and specify the old and the new address of registration (if already known). Sign and the date of the application.
Upon arrival at the new place of residence, contact the recruitment office on registration. In making the Declaration, specify the name of the head of the military office, who prepared the statement and their name and date of birth. Ask about registration at the place of residence in connection with the move. Provide information about old and new place of residence, sign and date the application.
If you come after school, in school, make sure to notify the draft Board, because otherwise you will be subject to mandatory conscription. To obtain deferment from service in the army write a letter to the Chairman of the draft Commission of the military enlistment office. Enter your name and address. Ask for deferment and specify the name of the institution and the course. Mark the date and the painting. Apply in proof of the eligibility requirements of your certificate from the University. The certificate must be certified by the rector or Vice-rector of the educational institution and to have all the necessary seals and stamps.
If you are 27 years old, contact the military and get a military ID. To do this, write to the head of the military enlistment office a statement showing his name and address. Ask them to issue you a military ID, since you already are not subject to the call of the age. If you have not served in the military, be sure to specify that with 18 years consisted on the account in military registration and enlistment office and had a deferment from service. Attach to the application a photocopy of the passport, the certificate, the diploma of higher education (if any), copy of drivers license (if available). Sign the application and date of its publication.