First and foremost, a military ID is required for employment. Because many employers simply refuse to accept to work the citizens who do not have this document. By the way, such actions by the authorities are considered legitimate. In addition, not every employer will want to become a mediator to clarify the relationship between the military and a conscript. Of course, without a military ID, too, can find a job, but in a good position to get will be very difficult.

You should also have a military ID to obtain a passport and, therefore, travel abroad. It should be noted that registration for military passport for a young person aged 18 to 26 years old in addition to the standard package of documents you need to provide more of their own military ID to the district office of the Federal migration service of the Russian Federation. However, after reaching 27 years of age need to bring this document to the passport is out.

Finally, a military ID is required for the legal registration of a driver's license and permission to purchase arms. This fact is explained by the fact that to obtain such documents you need to have on hand a medical certificate with a mandatory mark of a psychiatrist. It is considered that a medical examination by a psychiatrist can not pass without a military ID. However, current legislation does not oblige his indispensable the provision of a psychiatrist.

Thus, it becomes absolutely clear that military ID is the main document that can even be used instead of a passport in case of loss. After all, the representatives of the stronger sex, do not have this document, very often faced with restrictions on various activities.

Necessary documents to obtain a military ID

To issue a military ID, you should have a turnout in the recruitment office the following documents: statement to the military enlistment office with a request to issue military ID; two photographs 2.5 x 3.5 cm; copy 2, 3, and 5 pages of passport; original and copy of educational document and driver's license, if any; also, leaf medical examination.

How to write an application to receive a military ID

As a rule, the application shall be executed in duplicate, and the first instance of mandatory copies of all necessary documents. Then, the statement applies to the office of the military. The second copy should have a stamp on it, stating date, position and initials of the employee who took the documents.