Military ID — main document, issued to the citizen of the Russian Federation in its call to service in the Russian Armed forces or other law enforcement agencies to military service, and in the case of exemption from military duty or upon transfer to the reserve.

The identity card contains the following information:

  • the decision of the draft Board

  • the mark on service indicating the position and military occupational specialty

  • promoted to the rank of

  • mark on state awards

  • marks of contusions and injuries

  • list of military equipment and weapons

  • information on the passage of military training

  • information about the stay in stock

  • anthropometric information (height, head circumference, size of mask, size uniforms and shoes)

  • mark about statement on the military account and removing him

  • mark on taking the oath

Must obtain a military ID categories of citizens:

  1. Citizens called to military service in the Russian Armed forces or law enforcement agencies

  2. Citizens of the female sex, are liable for military service at the military registration

  3. Citizens, according to the conclusion of the medical Commission are partially fit or unfit for military service for health reasons

  4. Citizens who has the rank of reserve officer after military Department

  5. Officers retired

To get military ID should be presented to the military Commissariat by place of residence documents:

  1. Copy of diploma

  2. A copy of the INN

  3. A copy of the insurance certificate of the Pension Fund

  4. A copy of the marriage certificate

  5. Copies of birth certificates of children

  6. Certificate form 9 (certificate of registration)

  7. Photos and 30x40 25x35 — 3 pieces (matte)

  8. Passport

  9. The identity of the citizen subject to conscription

  10. Certificate of employment confirming the fact of working in the organization and the position.

In case of loss of military ID will be required:

  1. Copy of passport

  2. Reference from place of work

  3. Help from the district confirming the submission of the application about the loss of military ID

  4. Receipt of payment of the fine