If you fall under the military account, are obliged to rise on account of the place of residence or place of stay in the military Commissariat or in local authorities in areas where military offices there. Military account is carried out at the place of stay, if the term exceeds three months.
Before statement on the military account in the change of residence don't forget to withdraw from the accountand if the change of residence is for more than 3 months. It is necessary to come to the military Commissariat at the current place of stay, passport and certificate of registration. Removal from the military accountand citizens liable for military service, made a written statement which must specify the reason for withdrawal and a new address of residence (temporary stay).
If we are talking about temporary registration, the registration records at the place of stay is made without cancelling the accountand at the place of permanent residence.
When the change of residence within one municipality will notify the draft Board of his new place of residence within two weeks.
For the implementation of statement and removal from military accountingand you are to report to the military Commissariat in person. Keep with you your passport, registration certificate, certificate of registration. In addition, when removed from the accountand create a written statement indicating the reasons for such withdrawal.
Statement on accounting and removal from it are at any time of the year and are not associated with a challenging period. If the requirements for military recordsfrom the guilty shall be brought to administrative responsibility in the form of a warning or a fine.