In our country's military retirees are those who served in the structures of the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of internal Affairs, departments of the fire service, departments on control over drug trafficking, as well as in bodies of system of execution of punishments. To obtain a military pension for years of service, ProSuite in any of these structures is not less than 20 years. In addition, a pension is granted in case of purchase of disability or survivor benefits to the widow of a soldier.
Determine for what periods you will be repeating the experience and prepare the necessary documents. Except for the military service, separately accounted for periods of service in the police Department, the liquidation of the Chernobyl accident, service on nuclear submarines and surface ships, skydiving and some other types of services. The full list can be viewed on the website in the corresponding section.
For the decoration of the military pension, please contact the local office of the pension Fund and write a statement. Prepare the following documents: passport and a copy of military card, employment record book (if any), all documents confirming special conditions of service: a certificate of participation in hostilities, the liquidator of the Chernobyl accident, disability documents, etc. If you changed your name or surname, this also certainly need to know. If the military after his discharge from the service he worked and the employer made contributions to the local pension Fund, he may, in addition to the military, to get another insurance for the state retirement pension.
Attach to the application a document on the average monthly earnings for 5 years, which should be obtained from the government agencies, where you were service. By law, the amount of military pension shall be not less than 80% of the salary. Disability groups 1 and 2 the military, received military injuries accrued pension at 85% of the allowances.