You will need
  • - passport (copy);
  • - medical insurance (OMS);
  • - pension certificate (copy);
  • - certificate of registration (residence permit);
  • - marriage certificate (copy);
  • - the documents confirming the pregnancy.
First of all, purchase insurance, it's a guarantee that all the doctor visits, tests and examinations will be free. If no insurance policy, all medical services (except emergency cases) will be paid.
Select the consultation, which will be more convenient to get on the account. Near the place of residence or work. If the woman is a citizen of Russia, she has a right to be observed in each female consultation in their country. In addition, she has the right to elect any gynecologist who works in this consultation.
Write the application addressed to head of attached to the selected antenatal clinics. Upload the required documents (copies). The passport, an extract from the map (out-patient), the policy, certificate of withdrawal from the accountand etc.
Record on reception to the doctor. To postpone the first visit to a later date is not worth it. As the statement on medical records, will help to early detect the problem and to take all necessary measures for successful elimination.
Take the directions gynecologist for an ultrasound, lab work and referral to other specialists. When complete all assignments, show the results to your doctor, he will determine the period of pregnancy and make personal card of the pregnant woman. The date of issuance of this card will be the time of setting the account on pregnancy.
Take the gynecologist's certificate stating that the consist on the account (before 12 week of pregnancy). This document allows you to issue a grant (lump sum). If the term of pregnancy more than 12 weeks, this benefit will not be paid.