You will need
  • exchange card, passport
In accordance with the existing law, every woman has every right to choose not only female consultation in which she will be observed during the whole period of pregnancy, but a maternity hospital. If the term of your pregnancy comes to an end, think about exactly where you would like to give birth to her baby. In residents of large cities usually have a choice.
In order to determine the maternity home, consult with your gynecologist. Perhaps he will give you valuable advice and will even write the direction in a particular medical facility. For example, when there is a threat of placental abruption during labor, you may be referred to a perinatal center, equipped with expensive equipment. If necessary, you and your baby will have qualified help.
If you decide to give birth in the maternity ward at the place of residence or in a medical facility, which is attached to your woman's advice, you do not need to sign a card exchange. Better inform your gynecologist about your intentions to make of the baby born in the hospital. The doctor will give his team all of your data.
If you have already chosen a maternity hospital is not the place of residence, be sure to visit it before the birth. Please ask the staff to show you generic and postnatal ward, ask all the questions you have. Be sure to bring a card exchange. If you arrange everything and you don't mind to give birth in this institution, will refer to the chief doctor and ask him to sign your record card.
Remember that signature is a kind of guarantee that you will be given all necessary assistance related to childbirth and postnatal care. If you arrive at the hospital not at the place of residence with contractions, you may be referred to another medical facility. Usually such refusal is motivated by the lack of availability.
If you wish to pay for medical care in advance talk it over with the chief physician. In this case, you do not have to sign the card exchange, so as to guarantee assistance at the time of delivery to you will be signed a contract. If you wish to birth you received a certain doctor, be sure to include it in the agreement.