Advice 1: When you need to become on the account on pregnancy

Many women learn that they are pregnant, do not know when to stand on the account in female consultation. Some come there too early, others, on the contrary, as long as you can delay the visit to the doctor.
When you need to become on the account on pregnancy

Of course, ideally you should contact a doctor for the early pregnancy. He advises to conduct the necessary tests, pick up vitamins or do any particular purpose. Although pregnancy is not a disease, monitor the flow required from the very beginning.

Directly on the account you will be not earlier than seven or eight obstetric weeks (calculated from the date of the last menstrual period). In the earlier period (6-7 weeks), the probability of miscarriages and non-viable pregnancies. You can, of course, to go through a dozen doctors to pass a bunch of tests and all of a sudden to reveal that the fetus is not viable.

When you first visit a doctor, most likely, you will be asked to take a blood test for the pregnancy hormone HCG and have an ultrasound. These tests more accurately determine the presence or absence of pregnancy, its time. In addition, ultrasound will help to check whether the pregnancy is uterine if there are any abnormalities. The doctor will conduct a General examination, will prescribe the tests for genital infections, can you predict the date of delivery and will inform you about what you can eat, what physical activity is acceptable and what you can do, and what better to abstain.

During registration you will do the first screening ultrasound. It will reveal the absence or presence of possible genetic abnormalities and help to predict the course of pregnancy.

Some women think that the later they get registered the better. Fortunately, the Internet grabs and programs that can calculate the exact date of birth, and various information for pregnant women. However, seriously to examine the mother and the child, carefully to understand the test results and accurately decipher the indicators of the genetic test can only be experienced doctor. Therefore, every pregnant just need medical curator, the role of which can perform either an obstetrician-gynecologist, or local gynecologist.

In addition, the state institution in which you were registered, will give you the sick list, intended for the design of prenatal leave and leave to care for a child. Besides, they are obliged to issue the birth certificate which must be present in the hospital.

Advice 2 : How to register for pregnancy in another city

Pregnancy is beautiful, but at the same time an important and responsible period in the life of every woman. Pregnancy is not a disease, but medical supervision is necessary. If a woman was in one town and moved to another, then it has every right to stand on the account on pregnancy.
How to register for pregnancy in another city
You will need
  • - passport (copy);
  • - medical insurance (OMS);
  • - pension certificate (copy);
  • - certificate of registration (residence permit);
  • - marriage certificate (copy);
  • - the documents confirming the pregnancy.
First of all, purchase insurance, it's a guarantee that all the doctor visits, tests and examinations will be free. If no insurance policy, all medical services (except emergency cases) will be paid.
Select the consultation, which will be more convenient to get on the account. Near the place of residence or work. If the woman is a citizen of Russia, she has a right to be observed in each female consultation in their country. In addition, she has the right to elect any gynecologist who works in this consultation.
Write the application addressed to head of attached to the selected antenatal clinics. Upload the required documents (copies). The passport, an extract from the map (out-patient), the policy, certificate of withdrawal from the accountand etc.
Record on reception to the doctor. To postpone the first visit to a later date is not worth it. As the statement on medical records, will help to early detect the problem and to take all necessary measures for successful elimination.
Take the directions gynecologist for an ultrasound, lab work and referral to other specialists. When complete all assignments, show the results to your doctor, he will determine the period of pregnancy and make personal card of the pregnant woman. The date of issuance of this card will be the time of setting the account on pregnancy.
Take the gynecologist's certificate stating that the consist on the account (before 12 week of pregnancy). This document allows you to issue a grant (lump sum). If the term of pregnancy more than 12 weeks, this benefit will not be paid.
Make sure that the validity period of the insurance has not expired, otherwise health services will be paid.
Useful advice
Every woman has the right to choose the place where to give birth or to be observed. If the clinic is a failure, it's illegal. Submit a complaint to the relevant authorities – management of health in your area.

Advice 3 : How and when to register for pregnancy

After the test for pregnancy showed two strips, the woman in the next few weeks should be up on the account in female consultation. In order to conduct all the necessary research.
Women's consultation
You will need
  • - passport;
  • - compulsory medical insurance policy.
Select women's clinic, in which you would like to keep a pregnancy. Do not have to register in a medical facility to which you must be attached to registration. You can also occur at the place of actual stay. By law you are required to provide free services in any state specialized institution in Russia, however, in practice problems can occur, if you want to be attached to female consultation of the district where not registered and not live.
Decide the duration of your pregnancy. To do this, remember when was the first day of your last menstrual period and count how many weeks have passed since then.
Think of when you better get down on the account of pregnancy. If you plan to conduct all planned tests and studies, you should attach to selected women's consultations not later than the 10th week of pregnancy, as the first routine ultrasound in the antenatal clinic carried out in the period 10-12 weeks and ultrasound is usually for 1-2 weeks. However, if something bothers you, you feel nagging pains in the lower abdomen or you have started spotting, immediately consult a specialist. To exclude an ectopic pregnancy, you can embark on the pregnancy and do an ultrasound already at the period of 5-6 weeks. An experienced doctor, even in a simple examination can determine whether the fetus is in the uterus, and ultrasound will show the baby and will allow you to check its heartbeat.
Attach to the antenatal clinic. For this you will need to show the policy of obligatory medical insurance and your passport. In most of the institutions are also asked to provide copies of these documents. At the reception you will be asked to write a letter to the chief doctor of female consultation with a request for attachment. After that, you will issue the usual treatment records and referred to a gynecologist. When the doctor confirms that you are expecting a baby, you will also get a special map that will be made and all information about how successful your pregnancy. If you have previously been observed in female consultation, it is advisable to let go of it and take out your patient card, or statement from her. In the future, to obtain a birth certificate you will also be asked to present a social security number, so you can bring the document or start to make it, if you don't.
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