Of course, ideally you should contact a doctor for the early pregnancy. He advises to conduct the necessary tests, pick up vitamins or do any particular purpose. Although pregnancy is not a disease, monitor the flow required from the very beginning.

Directly on the account you will be not earlier than seven or eight obstetric weeks (calculated from the date of the last menstrual period). In the earlier period (6-7 weeks), the probability of miscarriages and non-viable pregnancies. You can, of course, to go through a dozen doctors to pass a bunch of tests and all of a sudden to reveal that the fetus is not viable.

When you first visit a doctor, most likely, you will be asked to take a blood test for the pregnancy hormone HCG and have an ultrasound. These tests more accurately determine the presence or absence of pregnancy, its time. In addition, ultrasound will help to check whether the pregnancy is uterine if there are any abnormalities. The doctor will conduct a General examination, will prescribe the tests for genital infections, can you predict the date of delivery and will inform you about what you can eat, what physical activity is acceptable and what you can do, and what better to abstain.

During registration you will do the first screening ultrasound. It will reveal the absence or presence of possible genetic abnormalities and help to predict the course of pregnancy.

Some women think that the later they get registered the better. Fortunately, the Internet grabs and programs that can calculate the exact date of birth, and various information for pregnant women. However, seriously to examine the mother and the child, carefully to understand the test results and accurately decipher the indicators of the genetic test can only be experienced doctor. Therefore, every pregnant just need medical curator, the role of which can perform either an obstetrician-gynecologist, or local gynecologist.

In addition, the state institution in which you were registered, will give you the sick list, intended for the design of prenatal leave and leave to care for a child. Besides, they are obliged to issue the birth certificate which must be present in the hospital.