You will need
  • - documents for registration of guardianship or trusteeship;
  • - application to the guardianship;
  • - a statement to the court.
If you expect to obtain custody over their minor grandchild, contact the guardianship and custody of his district. File a written statement. You will be given a medical card that you must fill.
You have to visit phthisiatrician, psychiatrist, psychiatrist, oncologist, therapist, and others indicated in the map experts, to confirm that you do not suffer from chronic diseases are not on account of alcoholism, drug addiction, mental disorders.
You should also present the characteristics of employment and of residence; act of inspection of housing members of the housing Commission of regional administration; certificate of inspection of the conditions for education, which will be given in the guardianship on the basis of the inspection of your living conditions; income certificate form 2-pit; the notarial consent of the spouse, if you are in a registered marriage.
The minor citizen is incompetent, so the guardianship over him is established on the basis of the decision of the court with the obligatory participation of the guardianship and guardianship, the Prosecutor of the area. If the child was 10 years old, then take into account his opinion about who he wants to see as its guardianshipon.
If the child's parents not deprived of parental rights, alive and not recognized by the court incompetent by reason of mental illness, they are required to obtain a permit for the establishment of guardianship.
If all your documentation meet the requirements, then the court will make a decision and you will appoint the guardianship. With 14 years over child guardianship is established. This form of childcare can be installed temporarily if the parents are in another city, country or in places of deprivation of freedom, but not deprived of parental rights.
So you were appointed Trustee, you will need the same documents as when establishing guardianship. The case of the appointment of a guardian of a child from 14 to 18 years considered by the court. A Trustee can be based on the decision made by the court with participation of bodies of guardianship and guardianship or the Prosecutor.