If you are planning to establish custody or guardianship of incapacitated person, or on those who suffer from mental disorders, alcoholism or drug addiction, then you need to contact the guardianship and curatorship and discuss the situation with a specialist. The question of recognition of a person needing guardianship or guardianship is determined by court order. If the matter will be resolved in your favor, then you will need to collect the documents.
Please contact tutorship and curatorship, presenting your application for appointment as guardian; a certificate of employment stating position and salary; the document confirming the ownership of the property and its compliance with established standards; a certificate from the Department of internal Affairs of no criminal record; a medical certificate; written confirmation that all the tenants of the apartment or house agree to live together with your charges; autobiography. If care wards requires special training, you will also need proof that you passed it. Having considered your application, the staff of bodies of guardianship and guardianship will inform you about its decision.
If you want to establish guardianship or trusteeship over a minor, first you have to prove your worth. To take care of a child can not people older than 60 years and those who were deprived of parental rights, convicted felon, cancer, tuberculosis, suffered from mental illness or alcoholism, drug use. Serious disease of the heart will also become an insurmountable obstacle.
Talk with a specialist on guardianship and guardianship. You will be given a list of doctors from which you must pass the examination. If you recognize healthy enough, then you will receive a medical report which must be presented to the employee of bodies of guardianship and guardianship. Also you will need a certificate of employment, certificate of no criminal record, CV, marriage certificate, a statement about the desire to take care of the child and the documents confirming the availability of housing, corresponding to the established norms.