Make copies of the following documents: pension certificate, certificate of birth, your passport and documents on real estate ward (if applicable).
Write an autobiography, and ask neighbors to be your feature that you need to sign at least three people or the local policeman. Make the extract from the house register or gather documents proving your legal ownership of living space. Go to the local police Department and take a certificate of no criminal record.
Contact your local Department of guardianship and guardianship and take the form for medical examination. Pass a medical examination, the results of which the therapist will make a conclusion about your state of health and absence of dangerous diseases. To pass the examination will not only to you but to the child and all family members living with you. Write an application to the guardianship that workers carried out a survey of your living space and made the conclusion about the suitability of housing for residence (stay) in him as a child.
Prepare documents that will serve as a basis for assigning you a guardian. This can be a court decision on deprivation of parental rights, proof of the dangerous illness of the mother or father, a certificate from the police about the absence of legal representatives there.
You can apply for guardianship over her granddaughter, and in that case, if the parents work in shifts and are unable to educate. In such a situation, document on deprivation of parental rights is not required, but mother and father need to write a consent to grant you rights to the child.
Take to school or kindergarten characteristic of a granddaughter and a certificate stating that she was there to learn. If the granddaughter was 10 years old, she should write a formal agreement that you will be appointed as her guardian and get the right to educate, to train and contain her. The same statement need to write to all members of your family.
Go to the Department of bodies of guardianship and guardianship with all the collected documents. Write a statement about considering you as a candidate for guardian. A decision on this matter must be made within 20 days.