Before placing documents learn what type of payments from the state you have the right. If you have at least one day of work experience, you should draw up an employment a disability pension. Otherwise you can only get a state pension. There is also a separate type of benets payable to parents of children with disabilities.

For registration of the labour pension, you will need your passport and the original employment record book (if there is no suitable employment contract). You will also need to undergo a medical examination and receive from it a conclusion about your condition. In addition, in some cases, you may need help from one or more jobs on the payroll. If you changed your name, you must provide a document about this. If you have a dependent minor or incapacitated, to prepare the documents about that: birth certificates of children, pension card aged parents and so on.

For a state pension you must confirm that you received a disability under certain conditions - in war, in military service in time of peace or in any accident. This will suit a medical opinion on the causes of the injury, and military ID (for military personnel) or, for example, the identity of the liquidator of Chernobyl accident. To obtain this type of pension documents on employment are not required.

Parents of children with disabilities must pass to the bodies of social protection, the birth certificate of their child and proof of your wages, so as to receive these payments, the family income must not exceed a certain threshold. You will also need an extract from the house register to the address where the child is registered, and a certificate from the kindergarten or school, if he attends.