You will need
  • - passport;
  • - the statement;
  • - direction;
  • - fresh tests and necessary examinations;
  • - extract from the history of the disease.
Disability group can assign the Federal state medical institution on the basis of which medico-social expert Commission. On the basis of the documents submitted, the Commission determines the disability group. With the presence of diabetes insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus and associated disease lasting health damage with partial or full disability may designate the first, second or third group disability indefinitely.
Indefinite disability means that the person does not need to undergo annual number of examinations and re-examination to qualify for disability.
For registration of disability need to contact the local doctor, to get directions on the required examinations. All tests and examinations must be fresh. If a person cannot walk independently, it can be done in a hospital. Must also be submitted an extract from the medical history, passport, statement from the patient, the direction of the clinic or hospital, certified by the chief doctor of the medical institution.
Which will assign a degree, depends on the results of surveys and statements of medical history, presented to the Commission.
With the presence of indefinite disability groups need 2-3 times a year to undergo inpatient treatment for maintenance therapy.
With the assigned disability group for diabetes the person has the right to some state benefits. The benefits include: free provision of medicines, 50% discount on all types of transport from 1 October to 15 may each year, free travel on urban and suburban transport, free health resort treatment and travel costs of an accompanying person. People with diabetes of the first type included in the category of beneficiaries for getting free social housing out of turn, 50% discount on utilities.