You will need
  • - the complaint in writing;
  • envelope.
The grievance procedure regulated by the Law "On the procedure of consideration of citizens of the Russian Federation". It is possible to complain verbally and in writing. However, writing has several advantages: you don't need to make an appointment to the official, to wait in line, etc. also the letter of complaint is the most effective and convenient way to resolve misunderstandings.
However, before you complain, ask the doctor (or the head of the medical institution) a written explanation of why you were denied medical services. Usually it helps to solve the problem at the initial stage.
In the complaint, write the full name of the authority and officials, their personal data and contacts, the application, violated the laws, the links, requirements, date and signature. If you are going to attach to it copies of the documents in advance and have them notarized and provide a list of attached copies of documents and number of copies. Take care of the copies you have on hand.
You may send copies to multiple organizations. Transmitting the complaint to the office or to the reception, one copy with the application apply for registration, and on the other ask them to put down the number and date of the incoming document. Take in advance telephone the office to track the progress of the complaint. If you want, send it by mail by registered letter with notice and list of contents.
When poor health care complain first to the Director of the medical institution, and if it fails, the city or County health Department. Can also send it to the Ministry of health and social development, the mandatory health insurance Fund (HIF) and the Federal service on surveillance in healthcare and social development. By the way, to make a complaint on the official website of the institution or in its regional offices.
If the terms are unimportant to you, send her immediately to the provincial or regional administration or in the Federal government. A couple of days your letter will "walk" on the tables of heads of various departments, until finally it gets to the relevant Executive authority. But better to find out the competence of which authority applies to your complaint. And send it to the appropriate address.