Advice 1: How to write a complaint to the chief physician

Faced with the arbitrariness of medical workers, the man angrily promised, "I will write a complaint to the chief!". But who to contact if illegal actions of employees covers the chief doctor of the hospital?
How to write a complaint to the chief physician
You will need
  • - details of the parent health authority;
  • - Name of physician;
  • witnesses.
In the modern healthcare system there is a clear hierarchy. The first link in it is an ordinary medical staff, then the chief, then district, city and the Federal Department of health respectively.
To write a complaint to the chief doctor, find out the full official name of the authority conducting the control activities of medical institutions in your area. Specify name and position of his head.
In the upper right corner of a sheet of A4 will post details of recipient complaints and their data (name, address, postcode).
Write in detail the cause of the complaint. Remember that the official conducting the test, knows absolutely nothing about what happened. So describe the problem as accurately as possible, clearly, in detail. For example, I, Frolova Yulia, being treated in the City hospital №8 are not due to me according to the law of medicines (the name). I the invalid of 2 groups, and must get free of this drug according to the resolution №_.
If you want your complaint was upheld, based on the legislative framework. In the city health Department daily receives hundreds of complaints from disgruntled citizens. But these appeals are often emotional rather than legal in nature. So make the text of the complaint so that the officials reacted to this information with due care. Specify the number and date of release of the laws that were violated as a result of unauthorized actions of the doctor.
After describing the nature of the problem will inform on the measures taken or lack thereof. For example, my doctor demanded that I paid for the purchase with this medicine. To explain why I have to do it, he couldn't. Instead, he began to insult me. I wrote a complaint addressed to the chief medical officer (F. I. O.), but he refused to accept it and kicked me out of the office. Witnesses to this incident were C-Ki (F. I. O.), which at that time also were treated in hospital №8.
The presence of the witnesses is an important argument in your favor. But if you want to be serious disciplinary sanctions for unscrupulous doctor, try to find patients who have been committed such violations. This is a very difficult and time-consuming process. But if you manage to do it, you can make a collective complaint to the doctor.

Advice 2 : How to write a complaint against the doctor

The quality of medical services and cultural behavior of people in white coats in the municipal medical institutions, unfortunately, often leaves much to be desired. Meanwhile, the doctor is not a king and not a God, but merely a cog in a bulky mechanism of public health. And any patient has the right to appeal against its actions that it deems illegal, at a higher level.
How to write a complaint against the doctor
You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - text editor;
  • printer;
  • - fountain pen;
  • - mailing envelope;
  • - the form of notification of delivery.
The first thing you should understand: to whom are you addressing your complaint. The Constitution and the law "On the procedure of consideration of citizens of the Russian Federation" give Russians the right to appeal to any power structure, the competence of which is your question.
Another issue is that government structures its order handling appeals of citizens. So from Roszdravnadzor your complaint will be forwarded by facilities to the regional health administration. And then, perhaps, the institution of lower rank.
Shipment takes time, but the officials, to which your document will be taken to the execution of the will must not only meet you but also to report on the work done upstairs.
The text of the complaint, you must specify not only the organization to whom address a complaint, but who you are and how to contact you: surname, first name and patronymic, postal address with postal code (if the registration address and actual do not match, specify both with the appropriate disclaimer). Phone optional, but it is better to specify, preferably one in which you can be contacted during working hours: if the officer working with your complaint, you have questions, can contact.
The title of the document should indicate whose action you are appealing. If you do not know the names of the doctor is enough space for his work. The position of the physician from whom you booked an appointment, usually a physician, a specialist, the chief physician or his Deputy, etc. And in the text enter as much information allowing to identify: when you have asked the reception what time, on what, in what office it was.
In the content of the complaint reveal the essence of the incident: what actions have made you the doctor that you are not satisfied and why (here's the best argument the provisions of the current legislation of the Russian Federation, which, in your opinion, are contrary to the actions of the physician).
Need to explain briefly the essence, without emotions and evaluations. The phrase "action is considered unlawful" is more than enough. Unless doctor has made in your address rudeness or insults, you are entitled to quote his words, but with the caveat that it all came from him. Mat it is desirable not to swear, even if the doctor to afford it. Enough mention of the fact that the conversation was used swear words in your address.
When you are finished with the essence of the conflict, go to what you are asking recipients of the complaint.

It is logical to ask about the test you set out the facts (it still will, but it is better to write).

If a doctor violated your rights, for example, denied prescribed by law medical services, have to oblige to this infringement of your rights has been eliminated.
You are entitled to ask, and measures of administrative influence on the doctor.
When the complaint is ready, you can send it through the form of online applications, or print, sign and send by post with acknowledgment of receipt or attributed to the organization where she is addressed personally. In the latter case, you will need a copy of the complaint for affixing thereto the stamp of acceptance.
If the text of the complaint contains threats or insults, it will not be considered.

Not be considered also anonymous, complaints that do not specify the recipient or no contacts with the author.
Useful advice
Often patients are afraid to complain to doctors: suddenly, then, in retaliation, "heal". These fears are not unfounded. And the doctor, after catching it, rather I'll try not to give you reasons for dissatisfaction: patients do not know their rights and do not want to defend them, he always more, so that you will find whom to recoup.

Advice 3 : How to write a complaint to the health

Often this situation arises when a patient remains dissatisfied with the quality of service by medical staff. As a rule, people are afraid to assert their rights or simply don't know where to start. Write a complaint to the health care need in the case when the violation of human rights and it has not been granted the assistance guaranteed by law.
You can write a complaint to health with the help of computer
You will need
  • sheets of A4 paper
  • handle
  • Internet
  • the envelope
A complaint to the health care can write on any health professional. This can be done via the Internet, in person or by mail. In any case the complaint in writing. Important making complaints, it should contain specific facts, indicate unethical practices.
If to formulate the complaint difficult, you just need to allocate a circle of all the claims and each of them to create a separate complaint. First, include your personal details, if possible a phone number and definitely an email address. Consistently describe the essence of the claim to a specific physician or other health care professional. If you for some reason don't know his name, you can just write the number of an office or institution in which violated rights. It is enough to specify the hospital or specialized physician.
Present the problem in a compressed form, only the specific facts and avoid the complaint of emotions, foul language and familiarity. You can follow the law and specify in the complaint, in accordance with some articles violated your rights. Avoid vague wording, try to state only the facts and describe the illegal, in your opinion, the actions of doctors in a given situation.
At the end of the complaint ask the health professionals to understand the above and to help restore the right to medical services of adequate quality. May be asked to act on a doctor disciplinary or administrative. In any case, it is your right. Specialist of health may contact you personally to clarify the information set out in the complaint. They will be conducted to check the reliability of the stated facts, subsequently, you will receive a response in writing with the outcome.
If you are sending a complaint by mail, do it certified mail with the notification. If we personally, ask the Secretary to make a mark on the second copy of the document on its receipt. Remember that a complaint is better to write in a few instances . Try everywhere to get a written confirmation of its delivery to the addressee. The Internet is hard to do, however, you can write and through the official website of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation.
Anonymous complaints are not considered health. Therefore, to specify the data required for each reference.
Useful advice
Do not pull in the filing of a complaint, try time to formalize their claims in proper form.

Advice 4 : How to write a complaint against the hospital

The misunderstanding between hospital personnel can occur in anyone and on any subject. You, being a citizen of Russia, have the right to protect their own interests. To remind medical staff that refuses to provide you or your loved ones assistance, refer the complaint to the higher management.
How to write a complaint against the hospital
The first step is go to the doctor, to his Deputy on medical work of the hospital or to the head office. There you can leave a detailed complaint against the actions of their subordinates. Please note: it is not enough to verbally explain your problem, be sure to secure it in writing. To prevent this, the hospital has no right and, most likely, will not do it. In his complaint, try to be objective and consistent. In any case, not descend to abuse hospital staff.
If the complaint is at fault in a medical institution had no effect, and you are within two weeks received no response, you must contact the Department of health or the Department of health. Their contact details can be taken in your hospital.
The Federal service for supervision in the sphere of health operates Public Council for protection of patients ' rights. His complaint against the medical institution can be duplicated and there, when you call the hotline +7(499)578-02-97. This line works with 10 to 18 o'clock (Moscow time) on weekdays. In addition, a complaint against the hospital, you can send email to number +7(985)122-89-00.
Often people who have not had proper services in the hospital are United in the initiative group. Try to find like-minded people. Most likely, you're not the only one hurt in this medical institution. The more signatures under the address you collect, the faster the authorities will react to your claim.

Advice 5 : How to write and make a collective complaint

With the neighbors, made friends, because they, as relatives, do not choose. Sometimes, they can fixed to, for example, to disturb the peace of others. And if the case is isolated, it is still possible with the understanding to treat this. But what if it happens systematically?
How to write and make a collective complaint

The basis – the law

First and foremost, ask other neighbors if they interfere with the brawler. If so, feel free to write a collective complaint to the district. First you need to study the legislation, because the treatment must be justified from the point of view of the law. After that, you should determine what results you want to achieve with this letter: perhaps you just want to warn the neighbor, or at least to evict.

Living in the era of information technology, do not be lazy to arrange everything on the computer. Neighbors join complaint, should confirm its contents with his own, then have to sign under the main text. This joint letter is an official document, and therefore the registration should be correct.

Making the neighbors complaints

Working on the complaint, follow all necessary requirements for its registration. In the upper right corner of the document mark, the name of whom it is directed, putting first post, after – the surname, name and patronymic. Write here who is the complaint, if it is collective, it is necessary to specify "from the occupants of the". In conclusion, do not forget to indicate the names of all residents who joined in. Opposite the name needs to be supplied by the individual signature of a tenant.

After you have finished the design, in the center of the sheet write a "statement". Next, proceed to presentation of the grievance. You should briefly specify the claims that apply to our neighbor, the offender, the facts date of incident, and names and address of those to whom your complaint is directed. If you have repeatedly tried to solve the problem through conversation with a neighbor or expressing his claim, also indicate this. Of course, if the results of your conversations with rowdy to no avail. If you were forced to seek the assistance of a policeman on duty and you should mention it in the document.

The conclusion of collective complaints should look like the following: "I Ask You to hold a conversation with neighbors who disturb the residents of the house, to warn them of the responsibility which the law prescribes".

After all, you need to specify the date of the writing of the statement, the surname, name and patronymic. Don't forget to leave a signature. If the complaint comes from the staff, please, specify the list of tenants, all of which joined, with the designation of their place of residence (rooms and apartments).

After receiving the complaint, the district needs to hold a conversation with would-be neighbor. If talking does not help to deal with this case will be different- from the point of view of the law on administrative offences.
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