Advice 1: How to write a letter to the mayor

City hall (city administration) is a body of local Executive power. It organizes the activities of the local medical and educational institutions, repair and improvement of roads and courtyards, creates the conditions for good leisure time of the residents, ensuring their safety and public order, etc. Citizen can contact the mayor's office with a complaint, request or proposal for city development. Written requests are considered in the order established by Federal law.
How to write a letter to the mayor
Specify in the upper right corner of the sheet position, surname and initials of the addressee. Find out in advance, the competence of which subdivisions is the exciting decision of your issue. On the official website of the municipality find the address of that Committee (Department, division, control), surname, name and patronymic of its head. This information you can get on the phone and in the waiting room or the office of the city hall. The more precisely you define the recipient, the less a letter is to wander around the "corridors of power".
After the addressee in the "subject" line to indicate the surname, name, patronymic and address of residence of the author of the letter. If the letter of the collective, write the name of the organization, group, community, for example: "the Head of the Department of health of the city Petrov p. P. the employees of LLC "Star" or "the Mayor of the city of Ivanov I. I. the inhabitants of the house № 34 on street Ivanovo".
Start from "caps" down 5-6 lines and write in the middle of the sheet of your treatment: complaint, statement, offer, etc. This will set the overall tone of the letter and underline it official.
Please describe your problem. Do this consistently, clearly, without unnecessary emotion. List all relevant facts, specify the exact figures, give specific examples, the calculations that confirm your position. Tell us what steps you have taken to solve the problem, in which organizations applied, some of the answers received from the officials. Pay special attention to the spelling of the names of institutions, names of leaders, dates of your visit to them.
If the letter you enclose a copy of documents, list their names, number of pages and copies after the main text, for example:"Application: 1. A copy of the receipt for payment of communal services in December 2011 on 1 l. in 1 copy 2. A copy of the certificate of state registration of rights of ownership of the apartment on 2 l. in 1 copy 3. A copy of the contract of apartment building management for 2011 on 30 l. in 1 copy."
The letter will put the date and personal signature. In brackets write the last name, first name and patronymic. Except mailing address to which you want to answer, you can write phone, email, Fax for additional communication with you if necessary.
If the letter of the collective signature decryption surname and patronymic have to put all the authors. In this case, you must specify another address to which employees of the municipality should be directed by the response, and telephone number of any of the authors of the letter.
Send a letter to one of the following methods: regular mail, registered letter, with return receipt requested, electronic mail, Fax. In any case, your letter will be registered in the office of the city hall and reviewed in the prescribed manner. You can save a copy of the letter.
7-10 days after sending the letter, you can call the office of the municipality and to clarify whether it was obtained and one of the officials is pending. For the study of law has 30 days. After this period you will be sent a formal written response.
Contact directly to the mayor, if attempts to get a response from officials of lower rank did not bring any result, and the problem remained unresolved. To write personally to the mayor when the question applies to most of the citizens.
Useful advice
If you can brought the letter to the office of the city hall, ask the staff to put on your copy the mark about reception.

Advice 2: How to write a letter to the star

Magic stars captivates fans and connoisseurs. Sometimes an actor or musician dear to you so that you want to share your emotions with him personally. In this situation, do not need to get lost – it's worth a try to write a message to his idol.
How to write a letter to the star
Fan ASECNA official site of the artist can be a feedback form (guestbook, forum) or email address intended for emails of fans. For this, most likely, you will be asked to register and leave your email. Please be patient, the artists are busy people, so if they respond to the message, not immediately.
Social semiballistic stars no stranger to communicating in the normal social networks. Russian artists often have a page "Vkontakte" or have your very own blog on popular sites (such as or Блоги Western stars are present in the space of Facebook or Twitter. Feel free to comment on a new post, photos or videos – in fact, for your attention is done.However, be careful on the Internet fake account stars not worth anything. To be sure that the message reaches the destination, look on the official website of artist a link to his group or personal page.
Service hunting zvezdanuty the portal Stars.<url> has launched a service for those who want to share with your loved by. Visit sign up and write a letter to his idol. The administration of this project assures that all messages will reach the addressee.
Truly touching and sincere lines "cling" much more than the vague phrase "the glue" and "I can't live without you". Try to find for your delight original words, which will not allow your idol to ignore the letter.
Useful advice
You should decide what you need to write to his favorite artist? If you want to share creativity inspired by the works of the artist, just write on a forum or group dedicated to the artist. Publish the poem, and maybe you'll get lucky, and the star will not just notice your creation, but uses it in its track.
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