Simple ways to find your number of MTS

To find out your phone number MTS, you can use the following methods, some of which are more than simple.

1. Sending from your mobile phone or smartphone USSD-request *111*0887#, in response to which you will receive a message indicating the number of MTS. The service is free and available around the clock, not only at home but also outside the region and country.

2. Call on free number 0887. After dialing a service command and a call, the answering machine will dictate the number of MTS that SIM card which is inserted in the phone. This service is only available in the area of the regional network.

3. Call the operator MTS on number 0890, in this case the Manager may ask for some personal information in the passport data, the code word or an address. If the answers to the questions were correct, then the number of the SIM card installed in the phone, sent in the message.

4. Call or send a message to a friend asking to dictate a phone number or throw it in the SMS.

5. Contacting the nearest office of MTS, which is necessary to have at itself the passport or other document confirming the personality. This way you know your phone number MTS, but will not be able to obtain data on the number registered on the other person.

6. Use the "Internet Assistant" on the official website of MTS. Phone number you can see when you log in to "my account" in the upper right corner.

If you can not send the request or no desire to do it, and the phone number is needed urgently, then you can watch it on the packaging for the SIM card or in the contract documents.

How to check the MTS your USB modem

Check your number on the MTS modem is quite simple, it can be done in two ways. In the first case, you need to:

- connect to computer modem;

- run "connection Manager";

- in the opened window, control click on "USSD", and then in the "Select command type" mark "My room";

- confirm sending the request and wait for an SMS message, which will indicate the number of the card installed in the modem.

The second method involves sending an SMS, which should perform the following simple steps:

- to connect to the computer;

- run "connection Manager";

to send a message to the number 111, in the text of putting the combination 0887 and wait for a response.

To send a message to find out your number of MTS with a modem free of charge throughout the country, but in roaming the cost of this service is determined on the basis of the tariffs of the operator.