You will need
  • Mobile phone
Service of the reminder is a free service and you can use it in Russia, even when your balance is less than zero. MTS offers several ways to Refine your data by means of USSD-request and call support.
To administer all of the action memo numberand the sim card operator MTS should be installed in the phone and be in a state of waiting for a call.
The first method is the most popular among subscribers. This is due to the fact that it is unnecessary to wait for the answer of a specialist contact centre. Typing on your phone *123# and press call button you will see on the screen room in the Federal 11-digit format.
To contact customer support by dialing the number 0887, then will need to select the desired item. Usually in many regions, mobile operator asks to press the number 0, then you will automatically switch to a specialist. The employee will dictate your number or send it via SMS messages.
Another very "everyday" way to know your number to call, for example, your friend mobile or landline phone with determinant. But if you decide to act as such on the balance sheet must have the required amount, as a minute of conversation is worth some money, according to the tariff plan.
Also, when buying a simcard on its packaging needs to be spelled out number in the Federal format.