You will need
  • documents of MTS, passport, code word
If you have forgotten or lost your PIN or PUK, you can learn the codes of your SIMcards several ways: or to carefully read all the papers that you received with your SIM card, or visit the salon-shop of MTSor contact the call center of MTS.
Codes provided to owner. In order to find them, you must provide employees with MTS passport data or write a code word, if it originally installed.
If your SIM card is locked, you must enter the PUK code that you received in the kit with the SIM card when you connect to the network MTS. To set the PUKcode is 10 attempts. If they were not correct, the card is blocked completely. In this case, the subscriber of MTS will have to get a new SIM card. However, the phone number is saved, and SIM card is free.