Advice 1: How do you know your mobile phone number

Sometimes there are situations when it is necessary to specify number of your mobile phone. But, as a rule, not everyone can remember this ten digit code. That is why cellular operators are trying to come up with the most convenient ways of obtaining this information.
How do you know your mobile phone number
The first way of obtaining information about the numbere your phone is the easiest. If you have a second SIM card and know its number, or nearby is familiar with mobile phone – make the call. The system will automatically determine the number of your SIM card.
But what if the balance of your personal account no money? For this there is a service "Beacon." That is, you have to send to a friend a service message with the help of USSD-commands. If you are a subscriber of the cellular company "MegaFon", dial the following combination of numbers: *144*the number of the subscriber addressed to "beacon"# and a call key. If you have a SIM card MTS, dial: *110*the number of telephone of the recipient# and a call key, and if "Beeline" - *144*the number your phone# and a call key.
You can also learn the number of your mobile phone, without resorting to the use of the beacon. If you are a subscriber of the cellular operator "Beeline", dial from your phone: *110*10# and call button. Then comes the message, which will indicate the number of your SIM card. For subscribers of "MTS" - *111*0887# and a call key, MegaFon -*127# and a call key, "Tele2" - *201# and a call key. This information is provided free of charge.
Also find out the number of your cell phone you can, after seeing the documents, but rather a contract that was issued to you upon purchase of the SIM card.
Some cell phones have an option that automatically gives you the information you need. To do this go to menu of your phone, find the "preferences" or "Options", then click on "Your room", after pressing the display will show number of your phone.
Also you can get the information you need by calling on the customer care of your mobile operator: MegaFon - 0500, MTS - 0890, "Tele2" - 611, Beeline - 0611.

Advice 2: How to find mobile number of MTS

If you are a subscriber of the cellular network MTS and you can't remember your number, you can use the "Know your number", which the operator provides to its customers totally free.
How to find mobile number of MTS
To use the service you can send from your mobile phone SMS text 0887 free number 111. In return you will receive a message, which will set your room phone.
In addition, the service is "Know your room" available via voice call. You can call the toll free numberat 0887, and the answering machine will inform you forgotten room. Call number 0887 possible only if your location on your home network.
Useful advice
If for some reason you can't write SMS and are in roaming, a simple way to find your number will call your friend. His mobile phone will recognize your number when you call.
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