You will need
  • Cell phone.
If you faced a need to clarify the numberand SIM-card MTS, you can do it in two radically different ways. Of course, each of the methods of obtaining such information for their own good and efficient.
Clarification of the numberand MTS by dialing a phone number. Insert the SIM card of the cellular operator of MTS in the cell, and then, turn on the device. To clarify the roomand the phone, dial the following combination and press the call: 0887. In General, it should be noted that you can also do this by opening the phone's contact list. A SIM card contains all the most important for a subscriber numberand, including to clarify the phone numberand the SIMcard.
You can also find out the number of SIM-cards MTScalling on any phone that provides the service of determining a room. After you make the call on the second phone call lights up the roomthat will belong to your SIM card. In conclusion, I want to add that information about roome, SIM-card MTS you can get when buying. A phone number will be listed in the agreement on custody services with the mobile operator.