Some cellular carriers provide a service that allows you to find your own room phone. If your phone is connected to the "Beeline", dial USSD-command *110*10#. The answer will come in the SMS message. If you are subscriber of MTS, use for the same purpose the USSD command *111*0887# and the response will be received by you in the same way. Also, being a subscriber of this operator to call the roomat 0887, but under roaming the call will be chargeable and expensive. Operator "MegaFon" provides this service not available in all regions, method for its preparation can vary and sometimes it is paid, even when in the home region. Being a subscriber of "Megaphone" in the Moscow region, use a free USSD-command *105*6*1# and the North-West paid by dialing *127#. Operator "Skylink" in most regions of the reminder service caller his roomand in the automatic mode does not provide.
Using the public phone and a cell phone when roaming, or in the absence of the operator reminder service own roomand in automatic mode, use the following technique. Take another cell phone belonging to you personally, which included the service room, and a room which you know and phone, number of which is unknown, call him. When the phone rings, reject the call. You will find out your room for free even when roaming. Don't call for this purpose on landline phone with determinant of numberand. So you learn only the last seven digits of the numbera, and the apparatus when it is determined automatically pick up the phone and call are charging.
If you are a subscriber of "Beeline", are in your home network and you have activated a service of unlimited sending of MMS, and the other machine at hand, send MMS message with any content to your own email address. Then go to your Inbox, and see what address the message was sent. Keep in mind that is actually sending MMS messages when using this service is not unlimited. The limit exists and it is equal to 300 messages a day.
Finally, if none of the above methods does not suit you, please call the customer support service of your operator and ask them to dictate the numberfrom which you are calling. When in your home network such a call is usually free. If necessary, inform the consultant your passport details.