Try first to find a contract for the provision of communication services that you signed with this operator, or an envelope with codes card. It must be her room.
If you do not find the contract, first check the balance of SIM-card (MTS - *100#, then press the "call"; "Beeline" *102# "call"; "the Megaphone" - *100#, "call"). With a positive balance you will be able to call any relative or friend and ask them to give you your "new" number or send an SMS message with this information.
Use the service "Call me/Call me back" service if your account has insufficient funds to make the outgoing call. For MTS, there is a single for all Telecom operators to request: *110*, then the number of the subscriber you want to call, then # and "call". However, the number of such queries is limited to five per day. The subscribers of "MegaFon" and "Beeline" can send up to ten queries per day also subscribers of any operator by typing: *144*, then the number of the subscriber requested, then # and "call". After sending SMS you will receive a notification that the request is delivered.
To know your room you will be able to another way. Dial on your phone: *110*10# ("Beeline"), *112# (MTS), *127# (MegaFon). You will receive a SMS with roomom your phone.
Call the helpdesk of your service provider. Wait for a response and ask them to provide you with information on the numbere of your phone. However, depending on company policy you may be asked to dictate the number of your passport or deny you advised to contact directly to the office of the operator.
Please contact the office operator with a passport. Manager will check your passport and will provide you with details about a roome phone.