1. To find out your balance by applying the combination *100#

2. If you run out of money, you can ask someone to call you back - *110* phone number of the called party#. Or you can announce that you have run out of money and ask them to Fund your account - *116* recipient's phone# . You can also use the service "Promised payment" - you need to dial *111*123# call.

3. To replenish the balance of your loved ones can be due to a combination of: *112*the recipient's phone number*amount of transfer#

4. To see what subscriptions you have, dial *152# and select "2" in the menu. Also here you can unsubscribe from subscriptions.

5. Want to see the list of connected services? Send SMS with text 1 to number 8111 or dial combination - *152*21# call.

6. Find out your tariff plan, too easy - *111*59#

7. To disable the service "GOOD'ok" recruit— *111*29# "call Forwarding"— *111*41# "You called"— *111*39#