Mobile operators use different prefixes, this is the first few digits of the subscriber. For example, in the far East MTS uses numbers starting with 8914, Beeline 8962, 8963, MegaFon 8924. So knowing them, you will easily be able to determine the identity of the operator. It should be noted that in different regions the first digit may vary by binding to the mobile provider.
Contact customer service of your operator, the call is free. After the answer of the technician and tell him the first 5 digits of the number, and after a few minutes will tell you, to which the operator is a number. In addition to the company name, this way you can learn the region of registration of the subscriber.
Please contact the help Desk of the company of MTS on number 8-800-300-08-90, call from all phones and free. Calling the phone numberyou will receive detailed information about the affiliation of the subscriber to the company of MTS.
If you are an active Internet user, then enter the first 5-7 digits of the number into the search bar of Yandex or Google. Your attention will be presented to a few dozen sites. Usually on the first prefixes rooms is free of charge, beware of the pages where you are required to enter a password or send a text message.
If you are outdoors and have free time, you can go to the nearest salons of cellular communication company MTS or the main office. Turning to specialists, enter the number that you need to know. After checking all necessary information on the corporate program, you will be informed whether the number to the company or not.
Some referral services provide information about cell operator-first number. So call the most popular news company. They may be able to help you. And their rooms can look in the press, commercials, and billboards in shopping centers.