Subscribers of "Beeline"Send from your phone USSD-request *110*10# and press the call key. Your room phone will send you a message in reply. If this command fails, it can be done otherwise: send the command *110*9# is a request of login and the password for online service "My Beeline". The username you send in the answer is your phone number.
Use the SIM menu "Beeline" — its location depends on the model of your phone. In the menu make the transition: "My Beeline", "My data" "My phone number". In response you will receive an SMS with your numberon the phone.
Call the numberat 0674. Following the instructions of the e-operator, refer to "Information required for payment of services" — "Telephone numberwhich should be quoted when making a payment". The answer to your query will come in the form of SMS.
Subscribers "the Megaphone"Send from your phone MegaFon USSD-command *205# and wait for a response message system. In some regions of Russia the number your phone can be found on other teams. For example, *127#, but this service is chargeable. If USSD requests don't work, call the Contact center at the telephone number 0500.
If the free command you said, even in the Contact Center, act smarter — request a password to use the self-service system "Service-Guide". In most regions of Russia it can be done with the help of free request *105*00#— to specify this on the website of "MegaFon" in their region. In reply SMS you will be sent a login and password. Login — is your room phone.
Subscribers Matprat from your mobile phone USSD-request *111*0887# — your room phone will be specified in the response message.
Call from your phone to number 0887 — the answering machine will read your number by digits. Just in case, activate the on-screen keyboard of your mobile — if you don't have time to write the numbers roomand listen to the message again, you can, if you click on the number "2".
Subscribers Tele2Отправьте from your mobile phone USSD-command *201#. Your room will be indicated in the response message.