One of the subscribers of MTS may not know precisely, whether you need him knowing your own phone number in my life. Meanwhile, cases when a person may appreciate such information a lot. For example, if you apply for any product or service agreement, contracts, etc.

Reasons why owners of cellular devices do not know their phone number several. For example, if the person recently became a client of the MTS or had a bad memory for figures and numbers. There are several ways by which people will be able to know your number.

How to find the number of MTS

To use the simplest way, you can call a relative or friend. If he will be next, then the subscriber remains to be seen visiteuses combination of numbers. If a friend is in a different location, you can ask him to send the number by SMS.

However, the client of MTS may not be funds in the account. In this case, he can use the following commands:

  • 0887;
  • *111*0887#;
  • 0887.

In the first case, you specify the phone number to call. In the second case – the team that need to score. The last SMS text that you want to send to 111.