Naturally, the first thing that comes to mind when you need to find out your phone number to MTS, to call another subscriber, then your numbers will be determined on the companion device. If the account balance is not sufficient, send a text message to a friend or request to call back. on MTS. To request "Call me", enter the command *110*phone number#.
Find out the phone number by looking in the documents of the purchased SIM card. Typically, the telephone number is displayed on a plastic card, which were inserted SIM card, next to the pin and puck codes, or in the enclosed you and the operator contract.
If you have lost documents, SIM card locked, take your passport and go to the salon communication. Specialists in the MTS office will be able to find the necessary information about your room in the database for the passport.
To learn the number of MTS by sending USSG-request *111#. In the mobile portal of the operator section, select "My data", and "My room".
To quickly find a phone number, dial *111*0887#. Within a few seconds your phone will display the required information.
Most modern smartphones data room are contained in the settings. Look for information about your room in sections such as "cell communication", "about phone", etc.
To see your phone on the tablet, move the SIM card into the phone and use one of the following methods.
And to further not to think about how to find your number of MTS, don't count on a good memory and a better record the phone to my notebook.