You can find out your phone number to MTS typing with the number keys command to *111*0887# and pressing "Call". The desired information will appear on the screen after a few seconds or it will be sent to you in the form of SMS messages.
There is a special menu system to manage mobile options, which, in particular, allows you to learn your phone. It is invoked using the command *111#. Go to "My account" and select "My number". The data will be transferred to one of the above methods.
If you are near a relative, friend or colleague, try to dial his mobile phone number. In the future you will be able to see your number of MTS on the screen of his device. In addition, modern mobile phones allow you to conveniently copy a number from the address book and send it in a message to any subscriber. In the absence of funds on the account submit a request "Call me" command *110*(phone number)#.
Subscriber number MTS phone is always listed on the packaging in which the acquired SIM-card, and is also available in the accompanying documents, for example, contract with a mobile operator to connect those services. You can also speak directly to the operator, dialing the number 0890. "Know your number" is available in the voice menu of the help system. The same information can tell you in any salon of communication or the office of MTS, however, the owner of the SIM card must show your passport.
Explore the settings menu of your mobile phone. Modern devices, especially smartphones usually have the function of displaying the current room. It can be in "About phone", "operator Settings", etc.