You will need
  • Cell phone, second phone with caller ID.
Today most mobile operators provide an automatic installation of a digital menu when you activate the SIM card. Through the interface this menu you can obtain information about your phone number, and other information on your SIM card. To know the number of your phone in this way, open the main menu of the phone and select "Applications" section. Scroll down the page to the bottom. Here you will see the application your mobile operator. As you enter you find the accurate numbers of your phoneby following the prompts of the electronic service.
If your mobile operator does not provide for automatic installation of electronic service on your phone, you can know your number by calling customer service. Contacting a specialist, ask him the appropriate question. Your room phone will be sent in the form of SMS messages.
The most simple and quick way to determine the numbers of his phone is a call from it to another device, providing the possibility of determining the numbers of incoming calls. Just call from your mobile phone on any such phone. On the display of the second device is displayed with information about your room phone.