You will need
  • Cadastral number of the land.
Try to assess the land on its own. You can use newspaper ads, niche sites and online services. Compare the market price of land, similar to what you are interested in. Consider the position of the plot area, transport accessibility. This way you will be able to determine the price you are interested in land only about.
Contact the Agency and request evaluation of land professionals. Having a perfect information about the market, professionals will be able to consider all the factors that affect the price of land and to perform calculations using formulas for the valuation of real property. Such work, of course, has its price, but this approach will deliver you from self-tedious calculations. Note that the result of the calculation will have only informative value and has no legal force.
Determine the cadastral value you are interested in the plot, which is made by the state bodies on the basis of the Land code and normative acts of local authorities. For this you will need a computer with Internet access and cadastral number of the plot.
Go to the website of the Federal service for state registration, cadastre and cartography. Open interactive cadastral map of the country. You will see a schematic representation of all regions of Russia, taking into account the division into cadastral parcels.
In the search box located at the upper left of the page, enter the name you are interested in the region (for example, "Moscow") or enter the cadastral number of the plot. Press the "Find" button to the right of the search window.
Examine the opened window to the right data in the cadastral register. Use "Thematic map" to get information about the cadastral value. You can also get here information about the area and the types of permitted land use.