You will need
  • - the certificate on state registration of rights to real estate,
  • - copy of extract from the BTI,
  • - passport of the owner.
Try to persuade all the owners of the apartment to sell it all and split the money. In this case, the price of shares will be calculated in proportion to the total cost of the apartment. This is the most profitable option for the owner of the share.
If the co-owners against the sale of the apartment as a whole, try to negotiate with them to repurchase your part amicably. If the share is redeemed by co-owners with the subsequent emergence of the right of ownership to the whole apartment, then the cost share in this case is almost equal to the corresponding part of the market price of the apartment. Relatives can agree on a small price adjustment (in the direction of its reduction or increase, hire purchase).
If an agreement does not work, contact your lawyer. They can be a realtor specializing on operations with shares, or a professional appraiser. A specialist will be able to estimate the share, on the basis of such proposals on the real estate market, taking into account the corrective amendment.Market shares there is a formula for calculating the cost share:(SAC*, D:2)*, where VCS is the market value of the apartment, D - size, share, K - factor parameters.The ratio of the parameters calculated from many factors such as the area of the apartment, number of rooms, size, share, access in the apartment, the urgency of the transaction, the debts and encumbrances on the apartment, number of owners, minors, etc.
If you decide to save money and do it on your own, consider that the price of the sharesrepurchased by third parties (not owners) will be at least one-third below market value. Try to the sale of the shares to determine the order of using the apartment by agreement between the owners, or to allocate a share in nature (specific room) in the courts. This factor is one of the most important in the evaluation of shares.
If such order is provided (for example, for the owner of a ¼ share in a 3 bedroom apartment it could be one whole room plus part of the common areas), the share will be sold at the market price of this room. To evaluate a room can be independently studied the market of such proposals in specialized publications. Here are the location value of the apartment, floor, house type, layout, room size, status, free access and facilities, neighbors, etc.
If the order property is not defined, but there is such opportunity, focus on the price of the small room, still reduced by 30-40% (due to costs the future owner on the definition of this order). If you select a room in kind is impossible (for example, a 1/8 share in a 1 bedroom apartment), the cost can be tens of times less than the market.